Accurately diagnose and care for human health

C-Luminary Biotech is a professional enterprise engaged in the R&D, production, and sales of in vitro diagnostic devices, providing high-quality products and services to global customers. We are committed to collaborating with industry resources to jointly promote the development of the diagnostic industry, and develop and produce immune diagnostic products that are "usable, affordable, and well used" throughout society.




Covering patents for inventions, utility models, appearances, etc

Certificate of Honor


Specialized, refined, and new small and medium-sized enterprises, high-tech enterprises, etc. in Sichuan Province



·In January, C-Luminary Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established

·Complete angel round investment and sign the first 3C client contract in May


·First year turnover exceeding 5 million

·Official approval of self-produced products


·Pre A round of financing in September

·Obtained 29 NMPA registration certificates

·Over 30 3C customers


·December A-round financing

·Obtained China NMPA registration certificates for over 140 products

·Nearly 100 self-produced products have been installed (80% from three companies)

·Launch overseas sales


·Sharay series instruments officially launched on the market

·The company has settled in Boli Technology Park


·Stay tuned







Chairman's Speech

Chairman's Speech

We provide high-quality products, timely, accurate, and high-quality services to every customer, while obtaining corresponding reasonable returns.

Chairman's Speech

We sincerely treat suppliers kindly and are willing to share costs, profits, and quality with each supplier on the basis of mutual trust, forming a long-term and mutually beneficial "win-win" relationship.

We value but are not hostile to our competitors. We are grateful to every competitor who has forced us to make progress. We are willing to work with friends to create a good Lebensraum and share the benefits of the value chain.


Becoming a leading global immune diagnosis enterprise: We are committed to the future of precision medicine, focusing on immune diagnosis. We face challenges head-on, forge ahead, cultivate and gather outstanding talents in the field of immune diagnosis, develop leading products, provide high-quality services, and benefit human health. We never forget our original intention and dare to take responsibility, striving to build the company into a leading global immune diagnosis enterprise.


Accurate diagnosis and care for human health: We are committed to developing and producing immune diagnostic products that can be used, affordable, and well used by the entire society, and continuously improving the accuracy of the products to care for human health.

Core Value

Taking pride in the enterprise: We strive to achieve our cause with honesty and credit; We keep our promises and acknowledge our mistakes: each and every one of us works and acts with the aim of ensuring the company's reputation.

Quality oriented: We take providing high-quality products and services as our responsibility; We take ensuring the quality of our products and services as the fundamental code of conduct for our organization. 

Customer oriented: We sincerely care for and serve every customer; We provide products and services that meet customer needs: we value customer demands, solve problems for customers, and create value.


Unity and Progress: In the process of achieving our cause, we support each other, maintain consistency in thought and action, work hard, strive hard, and move forward bravely.

Humility and pragmatism: In the process of achieving our career, we always maintain humility and low-key, do not indulge in utopian ideas, do not focus on empty talk, and work down-to-earth with a truth-seeking attitude.

Win-win cooperation: In the process of achieving our career, we actively open up boundaries and work together with our partners to create and share value.